portfolio by brooke

Abstraction Style°
VA, (2023)

Step into my studio space and experience the diversity ranging from passion projects in abstract portraiture to commercial and product photography. For studio work, Broncolor and Profoto lights are utilized paired with a Sony or Hasselblad camera to create unique intentional setups for clients or personal projects.

 From artists such as Colony House, Lecrae, Chris Tomlin and others. These images include my style of photos with essential shots, storytelling and intentional abstract/distortion. Working with photo, video and marketing teams to achieve a common goal these images showcase the shots assigned and delivered
 to clients.

My introduction to photography was through events and marketing. With news, worship and corporate events, these photos are used by organizations and brands for social media, website and printing content. Emphasizing on story telling, these photographs utilize style and abstraction after necessary shots are captured.

Editorial work holds the passion projects and other assignments for my photography. Focusing on portraiture, these pieces hold the basis of my personal style and preference for inspiration with bold color and abstractrion.

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