Hey I’m Brooke! Thank you for stopping by to see my work.

I create to live out the colors and aesthetics that cloud my mind and time. I see through a lens, through color. Scenery, events and portraiture. The camera in my hand has taken me all around the United States, bringing these aesthetics to life.  

    My style?
  • Gradients and blur of an artist on stage
  • Studio cyc wall with endless gel colors
  • The excitement of the last song in the pit of a concert, or pre stage flash
  • Playful colors, imperfect artistic portaiture posing
  • Creativity in motion, what does it feel like to be there?
  • Grungy, abstract. 

My passion lies in studio abstract portraiture and concerts. I have two distinct     photography styles: the first is conceptual and cinematic, utilizing slow shutter speeds and bold, dramatic compositions and colors to convey a visual narrative. The second style is bright and crisp, with bright whites and sharp focus to capture the essence of the subject. 

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